what our clients say...


"The staff is friendly, there are three exercise rooms in total and they have all styles of Pilates and Yoga to suits all family. Many places in Lagos only have classes early morning or early evening, so to have a choice from 7am to 7pm every hour is a bless.  Quite impressive". 



"Veronica is an excellent Pilates teacher. She is focused and guides you through her class with calm and precise instructions. She makes sure that each person in the room is being mindful of his/her body movements and in keeping a strong inner core. Thanks to her I am much stronger  and am more aware of how exercise effects my body". 



"LO studio is my favourite addition! I started doing pilates 5 years ago. I immediately fell in love with it and Veronica. I would go every single day if I could! I have tried other classes like motr and yoga trapeze. At Lo, the instructors are knowledgeable, welcoming and give you a Great workout! Consider investing in a package! I promise you will be in the studio more than you though possible. Lo studio is my happy place  and I highly recommend it!" 



" In and around the classes, are toilets/showers/lockers, clothes range, café terrasse, pamphlets to pick up, parking in/out, and above a sublime ambiance with everyone who transits in and out all day".  


" I have been frequenting Veronica’s classes for over 5 years now, from her days in a tiny gym to the current classes being held at the brand new Lo Studio. I cannot praise her enough for her diligence and attention to her clients during classes. Lo Studio has transformed the fitness scene in Lagos and filled a much needed gap with a gorgeous and versatile spot that also features a lovely little cafe’ ".